Art Work

Aside from the actual production of your garment, the art work is the most important factor that determines how your finished project will look.  The are several factors that make a difference, file type, DPI, and outlines being some of the major things that effect the look as well as whether it can even be used to apply to garments.  Below you will find what is necessary for you to do and what we can do for you if needed.

Requirements and decisions.

Art work for custom printing


 Art must be prepared and ready for screen print or digitization when we receive it.  There are different types of files for different types of decoration.  Check the link below and it will lead you through what we need from your files in order to get it on your garments.   

High quality inks for screen printing


 Link below will show you the stock ink colors we use for screen print. We think you will find that there is a wide range of options that will fit your needs.  If you have to have a color that we do not keep stock, we do have the ability to do custom colors, but there will be a slight upcharge. 

ISACORD embroidery thread


  Embroidery has the added decision that needs to be made of picking threads.  Follow the link below to help you determine what thread you would like.  Inside this link is another link that can help you match pan-tones to thread id's.  

Custom sublimation art work


Sublimation art can be a bit more forgiving, If it can be printed on a piece of paper, it can be printed using Dye Sublimation- HOWEVER-  there are a few limiting factors.  Click below for all the information you need to know about dye sublimation art work.

Screen printing