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The point of swag is-

Being seen and REMEMBERED

Laidback Custom Apparel has one goal... to see you and your customers or employees in OUR clothes! We take pride and ownership in every piece we turn out. It makes us proud to be able to point and say, "We made that WITH them". With that in mind, we take care to consult with you and provide the best image for your company or brand. 

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How we do it.

Custom screen printed shirts for a fishing team

Screen print

Screen printing is the age old go to for apparel decoration. 

Are you look for bright vivid prints? Or vintage/grunge look? Maybe 4 color process or simulated printing?  We offer it all.

Chose from our stock ink pan-tones or chose you own custom colors.

Click the link below and get all the answers you need.

Custom sublimated shirts for a fishing team

UPF Solar Shirts

Sublimation is a unique decoration technique that is perfect for light colored polyester materials, which is why it is most popular for apparel that's purpose is protecting you from UV rays.  Sublimation decoration adds no hand to your garment and is not limited by the amount of color in your art work.  To learn more and see pricing click the link below.

Custom embroidered richardson 112 hat


Embroidery gives that classic professional look that sometimes your business needs. Or maybe that sharp style you are looking for with your hat.  We use high quality ISACORD  thread for a vibrant and fashionable thread for embroideries.  Click the link below to see the thread options and compare to your pan-tone colors.  make sure you check out the thread color conversion tables.

Heat transfer prints

Heat transfer

Heat transfer are becoming nearly limitless and quality has become much better than the hobby heat transfers of the past.  Sometimes transfers can be the answer to tight budgets, especially with low quantities and/or high color counts.  Contact us if you feel this may be a better route for your needs.

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